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Welcome to Military Passion!!
Through the years, I've been wanting to do something for our Canadian Military and also other Military around the world! Everyone deserves to have someone and our Soldiers are amazing men & women! They fight for your country so that you can live in freedom!! As they try to make other countries in the world better they also need to know that there are people out there who care & want to help if the need arises.

Military Passion is a branch of Operation Cpl. Teddy that was founded in 2009. I'm the founder (Jenn) of this organization. I came up with this idea when my cousin Cpl. Brian Hawes based at Shiloh, Manitoba was deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan for a 6 month tour in October 2009. Before Brian was deployed, my family had gone to see him while he was at CFB Edmonton playing in a Military Ball Hockey Tournament. Anyways, while they were there they went to the store on base at Edmonton Military Family Resource Center and purchased 3 Soldier Bears (mine being named Cpl. Teddy Hawes). With this bear, I found peace in him while Brian was in Kandahar. Cpl. Teddy Hawes went with me everywhere - especially when I traveled. It sounds silly to some but not to many that I found comfort in my bear. He gave me the strength I need to get through those 6 months. Therefore, the start of Operation Cpl. Teddy was created.

Through Operation Cpl. Teddy we did a 3 month project of collecting items for Soldiers serving in Afghanistan from October 2010-June 2011 and getting a Canadian Flag signed by various people around Alberta - including the Calgary Police Service, Ensign Energy (in Calgary) and the Calgary Military Family Resource Center Staff & Soldiers that were at CFB Calgary at the time I was there. A few people from Edmonton also signed the flag. We ended up with 2 large paper boxes full of items to be sent over to the Soldiers! Their last Tour of Duty before the operational change was made a little more enjoyable because of strangers who know that Soldiers are humans too!

Military Passion will have various things posted, things from Army News to any Military News from around the world. We'll also have different fundraisers/events to raise awareness of our Soldiers and their families on a new level! They do so much for us - lets do something(s) for them!

Stay posted on a fundraiser/event that will be happening to help a family of a missing Canadian Soldier from Edmonton, Alberta. There will be more information posted on the missing Soldier himself and what we want to do and will be doing to help in the search for him as well as helping his family!! This is a very emotional and stressful time for family and friends - lets work together to try and make their days a little brighter!

"The only thing harder than being a Soldier, is loving one"

Keep Smiling,
Military Passion

--Operation Cpl. Teddy--

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