Curnow Family Memorial Fund (Unofficial)

(This is "unofficial" in the sense that I'm not opening a memorial fund bank account for this - I'm going to collect the money personally and then take it to Justine next time I'm in Edmonton)

I'm here to announce that I'm taking in donations for the Curnow family. If you haven't heard, MCpl. Curnow's body was found in Redwater, Alberta, a small town just 1 hour North East of Edmonton (64.4km NE). Autopsy confirmed his death was not criminal. 

As the family go through this hard time, I'd like to take up donations for his wife Justine and their daughter (3) Audrey. Even in the best of times finances can be tight - lets come together and help this family deal with the loss of a loved husband, father and son! Whatever money I collect will be 100% given to the family! I want to help them in this way because finances can be a huge stress, especially after losing a loved one. You can donate by cash, cheque or email transfer. If you would like to help out, please contact me at militarypassion@gmail.com and I'll give you information needed to send me your donation. Notes/cards for the family will be accepted as well - everyone needs someone, lets be the Curnow family's someone! 

Thank-you in advance for your generosity and loving heart! The family will be forever grateful! 


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